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Having enjoyed handling and using hand-made pots all my adult life, I decided (perhaps a little late in the day) to make my own. My ambition is to make usable pots that are good to look at and to handle; this way the container can add an extra dimension to the pleasure gained from the contents. I make (mostly) traditional shapes in stoneware, with shiny or satin glazes that feel good in the hands. For decoration I let the glazes and their interactions in their molten state provide the surface beauty. I intend to continue to explore the possibilities afforded by the infinite possibilities of glaze mixtures, and here my background as a chemist comes in quite handy.

My career as a part-time potter began in 1994 when I started evening classes at Lancaster Adult College. In the third year of this I set myself up at home with all the necessary equipment and materials, and began making pots in larger numbers, initially for family and friends, but later (at their insistence) for sale to other people. I have been selling my pots at craft fairs in the local area defined by Kendal in the north, Ingleton in the east and Preston in the south. My pots are sold at the Peter Scott Gallery at Lancaster University, at Arteria in Lancaster and in the Linton Court Gallery in Settle, North Yorkshire.

I accept commissions large and small, ranging from a single mug to a complete dinner service. These can also be posted.

Homethe potsthe pottercontact